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Artist: Love And Rockets
Tour name:
First date of the tour:
Last date of the tour:
Band lineup on tour:
Daniel Ash : vocals, guitar, sax
David J Haskins : vocals, bass, harmonica
Kevin Haskins : drums, percussion

Gigs(5) :
2008-04-22 - The Glasshouse, Pomona, CA, United States [setlist] [pics]
2008-04-24 - Cane's, San Diego, CA, United States [setlist] [pics]
2008-04-27 - Coachella Festival, Indio, CA, United States [setlist]
2008-07-04 - Parque Da Cidade, Porto, Portugal [setlist]
2008-08-03 - Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago, IL, United States [setlist] [pics]

Played songs:
An American Dream (5/5)
Ball of Confusion (5/5)
Haunted When The Minutes Drag (5/5)
Holiday On The Moon (5/4)
I Feel Speed (5/3)
It Could Be Sunshine (5/5)
Kundalini Express (5/4)
Mirror People (5/4)
No Big Deal (5/5)
No New Tale To Tell (5/5)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (5/3)
The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By (5/5)
Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man) (5/4)

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