Bauhaus gig guide

Thanks to all the great people I traded with in the last 10 years. It was a great experience!

Special thanks to
Andrew J. Brooksbank for answering my questions all the time. Also thanks for the great sources (see below)
Gordon Comstock for my very first Bauhaus trade
Hauskeeper for ticket stubs, posters, fliers and vinyls especially the colored Belas :-)
Belathin for the great trades
Tessa Allen for Daniel Ash 1993 tour information, tour programme and nice photos
Darwin Meiners for setlists

Thanks to
strangelets for the setlists, ticket scans, comments, website suggestions etc.
darK ENtries for additions/corrections on releases
Bela Lugosi for location corrections, setlists & photos
Kiravani for radio/tv show info
Akiforhair for the great pics
Manuel Illescas for setlist
ziggyswoon for great recordings & gig comments
petermurphy (from DIME) for setlist
Phil Quincey for gig comments
Paulo Gaspar Silva for setlist, pix, gig date/venue info
Jim Bullington for gig date/venue/support info
Silence is platinum for setlist
Anya Reid for photos
a friend from Split for photos
Ezzy for photos, ticket scans
Josef Haddad for setlist
judgesmails for setlist, pix
Douglas Clubok for setlists
architektur for advert scans, release & TV/radio show info
Michael Sanderson for advert scans
Kymm LG for radio show date
Davy McLaughlin for photos
Suezan Skelton for photos
Luton for poster & ticket scans
Simon Dell for posters, adverts & ticket scan
Tim Youens for posters & photo & ticket scan
Graham Clark for venue correction & ticket scan
Dave Cerpentier for ticket scan
Gabor Por for review & photos
Olivier for setlist
Kai-Uwe Nielsen for setlist
Dimitris Antonopoulos for interviews
gogropius for the setlists
Tax Liaskas for photos
Ken Aldridge for setlists
Ebola for the recording
Max1334 for additions/corrections
Alex Novak for posters
Glyn Bush for the poster & infos
Kevin Barron for the photos
Dave Rafter for release info
mccarthy for setlist
temujin for setlist
mixter for recordings
Greg for setlists
Trey Lockhart for scans
Juan Anders for setlist and recording
Chris Wienk for radio show info
BB3 for date correction
Fernando Neves for ticket scans
Andrew Holland for photos & scans
Molly Jones for photos & scans
James Tong for ticket scans
Young Lee for photos & setlist
Karl J. Paloucek for setlist
Neil C. Thom for venue info


Used sources:
Andrew J. Brooksbank : Beneath The Mask book, Apollox fanzines, setlists, tour dates etc.
Ian Shirley : Dark Entries Bauhaus and Beyond book
Official sites (,,,,,
Bauhaus/related discography by Greg Clow / Andrew Bornyi / Steve Blotner

Used services:
LyricWiki (song lyrics)
Amazon Web Services (artworks)

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