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Artist: Love And Rockets
Tour name: 2008 - Festivals - US
Date: 2008-07-04
Venue: Parque Da Cidade
Location: Porto
Country: Portugal

Recordings :
  • Audio
  • Video: Sic Radical TV broadcast
Concert setlist :
1, Ball of Confusion
2, No Big Deal
3, It Could Be Sunshine
4, The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By
5, Haunted When The Minutes Drag
6, No New Tale To Tell
7, An American Dream
8, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Bela Lugosi

People who have audio recordings:
akiforhair, Bela Lugosi, Hapcibeno, max1334

People who have video recordings:
akiforhair, Bela Lugosi, Hapcibeno

2009-11-29 10:55:10 - Bela Lugosi
Show started late cos of sound problems at the start. They played the intro. Then the band didn't get to the stage for at least another 5 minutes. In the end the gig was cut short with 2 or 3 songs...

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