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Alan Moore / David J / Tim Perkins - 1996 - The Moon And Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre Of Marvels CD [Album]
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Record title: The Moon And Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre Of Marvels CD
Artist: Alan Moore / David J / Tim Perkins
First release: 1996
Record type: Album
Record versions:
MediaDateLabelCatalog #Country 
CD1995CleopatraCLP 9688-2United States
"The M&S came first 1990 or 91 I think? It was the first of 2 albums with Davud J, and the overriding vibe was that of raw and intuitive experimentation. We didn't really know what we we were doing or what the end product was going to be, just that this work had to be done and that there was a collective compulsion to do it. All kinds of crazy ideas and notions poured out from this source of creative energy, lyrically, musically and visually. Some of the child-like artwork on the CD sleeve was a series of automatic drawings the 3 of us did at Dave's house. For the Azmodeus track, Alan wrote a piece of perfectly symmetrical prose to which I added a musical palindrome in a very architectural way, (kind of Wolfgang Azmodeus Mozart) It was all very exciting to do...the sky really was the limit with this project! Numbers like "Hair of the Snake" just came out of thin air, made up on the spot with the tape machine rolling. M&S was performed live at the Bridewell theatre in London. Unfortunately I was not able to take part in that show, so Alan and Dave had to pull it off alone. The event yielded a strange and completely inexplicable photo that ended up on the front cover of the CD. [...]
The Moon and Serpent was a studio recording mastered by David Jay in the States."
Tim Perkins for bauhausgigguide
1, Overture: Hair Of The Snake That Bit Me
2, The Map Drawn On Vapor (I)
3, Litvinoff's Book
4, The Map Drawn On Vapor (II)
5, The Stairs Beyond Substance
6, The Spectre Garden - (I) The Enochian Angel Of The 7th Aethyr
7, The Spectre Garden - (II) The Demon Regent Asmodeus
8, The Spectre Garden - (III) The Diety Glycon
9, The Book Of Copulation
10, Finale: A Town Of Lights
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