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Member of :
(1979 - 2005) Bauhaus : vocals, guitar, sax
(2002-03-12 - 2002-04-22) Daniel Ash's band : vocals, guitar, sax
(2002-02-27 - 2002-02-27) Daniel Ash's band : vocals, guitar, sax
(1993 - 1993) Daniel Ash's band : vocals, guitar
(1978-?? - ) Jackplug And The Sockets : guitars
(1985 - 1999) Love And Rockets : vocals, guitar, sax
(2017 - ) Poptone's band : vocals, guitar, sax
(1978-11-xx - ) S.R. : guitars
(1978-mid - ) The Craze : guitars
(1982 - 1983) Tones On Tail : vocals, guitar, sax
(1983 - 1984) Tones On Tail : vocals, guitar, sax

Guest appearances / contributions:
The Three Shadows Part II.

Wrote lyrics for:
  Slice of Life
Love And Rockets
  1000 Watts of Your Love
  A Private Future
  All In My Mind
  An American Dream
  Body And Soul
  Deep Deep Down
  Delicious Ocean
  Earth, Sun, Moon
  Haunted When The Minutes Drag
  Holy Fool
  Hot Trip To Heaven
  I Feel Speed
  If There's A Heaven Above
  Inside The Outside
  It Could Be Sunshine
  Judgement Day
  Love Me
  Mirror People
  My Drug
  No Big Deal
  No Words No More
  No Worries
  Pink Flamingo
  R.I.P. 20 C.
  Resurrection Hex
  Sad And Beautiful World
  Set Me Free
  Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
  So Alive
  Sweet F.A.
  Sweet Lover Hangover
  The Game
  The Glittering Darkness
  The Light
  The Telephone Is Empty
  This Heaven
  Too Much Choice
  Trip And Glide
  Use Me
  Voodoo Baby
  Welcome Tomorrow
  Words of A Fool
  Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man)

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