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Artist name: Lonestation


Glenn Campling : Bass, E=bow guitar, Keyboards, Loops, Samples
Mark Garner : Vocals, Loops, Samples

 Daniel Ash - 2008-12-09 - The Blackline Show - [interview]

2016-03-xx - EP 1 File (MP3) [Single]
2016-06-28 - EP 2 File (MP3) [Single]
2016-10-24 - EP 3 File (MP3) [Single]

Wrote lyrics for:
Alan Moore / David J / Tim Perkins
  Drowning In Gold
  Finale: A Town Of Lights
  Litvinoff's Book
  Overture: Hair Of The Snake That Bit Me
  The Birth Caul
  The Birth Caul (i)
  The Birth Caul (ii)
  The Birth Caul (iii)
  The Birth Caul (iv)
  The Birth Caul (v)
  The Book Of Copulation
  The Dressing Of The Tongue
  The Map Drawn On Vapor (I)
  The Map Drawn On Vapor (II)
  The Present Moment (18.11.95)
  The Spectre Garden
  The Stairs Beyond Substance
  The World's Blunt Engine
  *Man From Uncle
  Black Stone Heart
  Chicago Is My Kind Of Town
  Dave And Danny's Waspie Dub #1
  Dave And Danny's Waspie Dub #2
  Dogs A Vapour
  Endless Summer of A Damned
  Here's The Dub - special effects by "Loonatik & Drinks"
  Honeymoon Croon
  I Do (???)
  In Heaven
  International Bullet Proof Talent
  Intro tape: This is For When
  King Volcano
  Kingdom's Coming
  Mirror Remains
  Poison Pen
  Rock And Roll
  Slice of Life
  Spirit In The Sky
  The Bewlay Brothers
  The Colours - Part I.
  The Colours - Part II.
  The Colours - Part III.
  Too Much 21St Century
  Untitled 2
  Waiting For The Man
Cardiac Arrest
  Sod The Jubilee
Dalis Car
  Cornwall Stone
  Create And Melt
  Dalis Car
  High Places
  His Box
  If You Go Away
  King Cloud
  Lifelong Moment
  Sound Cloud
  The Judgement Is The Mirror
Daniel Ash
  Acid Rain
  Attack Once
  Attack Twice
  Blue Angel
  Blue Moon
  Brightest Day Darkest Night
  Burning Man
  Candy Darling
  Candy Eye
  Closer To You
  Come Alive
  Come On
  Coming Down
  Day Tripper
  Dream Lover
  Dream Machine
  Echo Plex (The Eno Shuffle)
  Electric Blue
  Far From Any Road
  Flame On
  Foolish Thing Desire
  Freedome I Love
  Get Out of Control
  Ghost Writer
  Gimme Some Lovin'
  Goddess Gorgeous
  Hanky Panky
  Harder Faster
  Heaven Is Waiting
  Here She Comes
  Here She Comes Again
  Higher Than This
  Hold Your Head Up
  Hollywood Fix
  Indie Boys
  June Warmth
  Just The Two Of Us
  Keen Eddie - End Title
  Kid 2000
  Knocking On Heaven's Door
  Lights Out
  Love It Right
  Me And My Shadow
  NIN Style
  Nosferatu, I Love You
  Not So Fast
  Paris '92
  Repo Cohen
  Roll On
  Schiz.o Gensou
  Sea Glass
  She's A Sad Song
  Sugar Sugar
  Sweet Little Liar
  The Hedonist
  The Money Song
  The Push
  The Soldiers of Everyday
  The Void
  This Love
  Walk On The Moon
  Walk This Way
  Where's My Leather Catsuit?
  You Unravel Me
David J
  (I Don't Want To Destroy) Our Beautiful Thing
  (She's Got) Chinatown In The Rain In Her Eyes
  (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
  2000 Light Years From Gold Street
  A Day In The Life Of The One That Got Away
  A Girl In Port
  A Longer Look
  A Man of Influential Taste
  A Passport And No Tears
  A Seducer, A Doctor, A Card You Cannot Trust
  A Star Crossed Shipboard Romance
  Alabama Song
  Albino Dog
  All I Have To Do Is Dream
  All The Girls I Never Kissed
  Almost a Menage a Trois
  Alternative 2
  Angel David
  Annabel Lee
  Antarctica Starts Here
  Arc of Return
  Around And Around
  At This Kind Of Wedding
  Au Contraire
  Aural / Overload
  Baby's On Fire
  Badge of Lead
  Ballad of the Big Wood
  Beauty Is A Terrible Thing (Incantation For Kenneth Anger)
  Beauty Parlors, Movies and Train Yards
  Because You're Gone
  Before Positive Was Negative
  Being Boring
  Betty?s Diner
  Blackmail (Return to Sender)
  Blood Bound
  Blood Sucker Blues
  Bomber's Moon
  Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  Bouquets, Wreaths And Laurels
  Bright In Your Absence
  By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  California ( Have A Nice Apocalypse! )
  Can't Get Used To Losing You
  Candy On The Cross
  Cash On The Kick Wheel
  Catch The First Think Smoking
  Chain Smoking The Memories
  Conspiracy of Shadows
  Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh
  Cure For Pain
  Dagger In The Well (Song For Elliot Smith)
  Dark Carnival
  Darling, Never Tell
  Dead and Lovely
  Death Is A Star
  Diamonds From Rome To Milan
  Don't Fear The Reaper
  Down In The Tenderloin
  Dress Sexy At My Funeral
  Dum Dum Boys
  Dust In The Wind
  Element Of Darkness
  Embrace Your Dysfunction
  Endless Sleep
  Eulogy For Jeff Buckley
  Everybody's Talkin'
  Evil Night Together
  Excruciating Allure
  Falling In Love Again
  Farewell My Friend
  Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  Feel Like Robert Johnson
  Fingers In The Grease
  Fire Escape To The Stars
  Flowers And Football Tops
  For Derek Jarman
  Four Hours
  Frosted Glass
  Gentrification Blues
  Ghosts Are People Too
  Gimme Some Truth
  Girl On Fire
  Gloomy Sunday
  Golden Hair
  Good To Be Loved
  Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard
  Goth Girls In Southern California
  Hank Williams To The Angel Of Death
  Having A Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her
  Heaven Knows Hell Can Wait
  His Majesty The Executioner
  Hoagy Carmichael Never Went To New Orleans
  Homo Sapien Blues
  Hot Sheet Hotel
  How Come
  I Am The Walrus
  I Can't Shake This Shadow of Fear
  I Hear Only Silence
  I Shall Be Released
  I Wish Those Spacemen Would Come
  I'd Rather Have The Blues Than What I?ve Got
  I'll Be Your Chauffeur
  If Anything Should Ever Happen To You
  If You Could Read My Mind
  Imitation Pearls
  In The Blue Hour In Berlin
  In The Great Blue Whenever
  In The Stars
  In The Summer House
  In The Temple Of The Id
  In The Wake of Lady Blue
  Incidental (2012)
  Indelible Blue
  Is That All There Is?
  It's A Long Way Back To The Oscars
  Jealous Guy
  Jeanna Fine
  Joan of Arc
  Joe Orton's Wedding
  Journey To The End of Faith
  King's Crossing
  Last Cigarette
  Le Femme De Montreal
  Light And Shade
  Limbo Land
  Little Miss Impeccable
  Little Red Corvette
  Little Star
  Lorca's Death
  Love Bird
  Love Letter
  Man Of The World
  Memphis Ghosts
  Men Leave
  Mess Up
  Metaphorical Love Song
  Mexican Drugstore
  Mickey Rourke Blues
  Missed Tryst
  Monkey Gone To Heaven
  My Funny Valentine
  My Life In Art
  My Soul Was Still Souting 'More'
  Nature Boy
  New Woman Is An Attitude
  New Year's Day
  New Year?s Prayer
  New York I Love You But You?re Bringing Me Down
  New York Telephone Conversation
  Night of The Silver Veil
  Night Of The Vampire
  No Faith
  No Floods Can Drown
  No One's Sending Roses
  Not Long For This World
  O D Royale
  Oh No, Not Another Song Writer!
  On a Macclesfield Sunday (For Ian Curtis)
  On The Outskirts (of A Strange Dream)
  Or Dp I Speak Too Soon?
  Out Of Saint Petersburg
  Pale Blue Eyes
  Peace, Love and Understanding
  Peggy Sue
  Penelope's Web
  Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
  Pilgrims, Martyrs And Saints
  Pillow Talk
  Playboy Mansion
  Poetic Young Man
  Point of Departure
  Pseudo 17
  Pulling Arrows From Our Heels
  Queen Bitch
  Rebel Rebel
  Requiem For Joe
  Rock Is Death
  Roll' em Easy
  Romeo In Reverse
  Rough And Cut
  Ruined Cities
  Sad Side To The Sandboy
  Saint Billie
  Saint Jackie
  Saint Petersburg, October ?69
  Say Uncle
  Scott Walker 1996
  Sea of Heartbreak
  Serial Killer Blues
  She's Going Away
  Ship of Fools
  Silver For Gold
  Slip The Rope
  Small Death Of A Broken Doll
  Smashed Princess
  Some Big City
  Some Things Last A Long Time
  Song From The Kitty Kat Keller
  Song To The Siren
  Sorrow Sleeps At Night
  South Side Blues Blues
  Space Cowboy
  Spaceball Ricochet
  Spalding Gray Can't Swim
  Splinters Of The Cross
  spoken word #1
  St. James Infirmary
  Stars and Eyes
  Static Cling
  Stole From The Storm
  Stop This City
  Straight to Hell
  Stranded Trans-Atlantic Hotel Nearly Famous Blues
  Streets of Berlin
  Sweet Anaesthesia
  Take You Deep
  Tell Me, Henry Kissinger
  Ten Little Beauty Queens
  The Auteur
  The Ballad of August And June
  The Ballad Of Cain
  The Black Cat
  The Black Dahlia Theme
  The Bottle, The Book And The Dollar Bill
  The Carnival Is In Town
  The Conjurer's Hand
  The Corridor
  The Day That David Bowie Died
  The Devil's Muse
  The Dope Show
  The Electrician
  The Emperor's New Clothes
  The Face Of Don Repo
  The First Incision
  The Fugitive
  The Gospel According To Fear
  The Guitar Man
  The Horizontal Man
  The Letting Of The Blood
  The Look
  The Masque Of The Red Death
  The Mercy Seat
  The Moon In The Man
  The Most Beautiful Girls In The World
  The Murders In The Rue Morgue
  The National Anthem of Nowhere
  The New World
  The Party's Over
  The Promised Land
  The Rattler
  The Shadow
  The Song Is Dead
  The Summer House
  The Sun Sets Soon on Heroes
  The Tell-Tale Heart
  The Tooth Fairy And The Wolf
  The Trees In Silence Sing
  The Vandal And The Saint
  The Wounded Healer
  The Wrecking Ball Is Coming Down
  The Yes Man Who Said 'No'
  The You Of Yesteryear
  There's Room In My Summer For Two
  They've Murdered Christ Again
  This Town
  This Vicious Cabaret
  Tidal Wave Of Blood
  Time In The Sun
  Too Clever By Half
  Tower of Song
  Trams Of Old London
  Trophy Wife
  Truth, Justice And The American Way
  V's Theme
  Vagabond song
  Vampire Blues
  Vesuvio's Window
  Vincent In The Flames
  Visitation (Song For an Elegant Angel)
  Voyage Of The Damned
  Walk With The Devil
  What It Feels Like For A Girl
  Where The Bloodline Ends (Vasectomy Song)
  Windmills Of Your Mind
  With The Indians Permanent
  Working The Door
  Wrecking Ball
  Wrote For Luck
  Yokohama Blues
  You Can't Always Get What You Want
  You Suit A Rainy Day
  You're My Shining Star
David J - Rene Halkett
  The New Gold
Grab A Shadow
  Don't Block My View
  For Your Love
  Pull It Back Together
  Terminal Cafe
  The Love Has Gone
  World Of Mine
  Before You Accuse Me
  Don't Let Me Down
  I Saw You
  Slow Down
  Softer Ride
  Stuck In The Middle
  Sweet Little Sixteen
  This Boy
  Travellin? On
Kevin Haskins
  Arrival At The Lake
  Basement Horror
  Captain Drizzles Weaponarium
  Dominique's Dark Past
  Ferry Crossing
  Game Map
  Just Tell Me
  Light In The Bottle
  Living In The Ant Farm
  Lockjaw Display
  Marks Death
  Niles Enters Cave
  On The Beach
  One Hundred Reasons
  Opening Theme for Deadly Famous
  Pauline's Theme
  Pause Muzak
  Regions Of The Brain
  The Beautine Story
  The Crypt
  The Graveyard
  The Haunted House
  The Man
  The Tale Unfolds
  Vampire Puff Puff Main Title Theme
  Victory for Vampire Puff Puff
  Virtual Environments
  Waiting Game
  Wheres The Liver?
  A Billion Black Stars
  Blue Giant
  Dark Matter
  Divided We Fall
  October Daze
  Son of Jack
  The Deep
  Too Many People
  Wrap Me Up
Love And Rockets
  **** (Jungle Law)
  1000 Watts of Your Love
  2000 Light Years From Home
  20th Century Boy
  A Private Future
  All In My Mind
  An American Dream
  Angels And Devils
  B Side
  B Side #1
  B Side #2
  Bad For You
  Bad Monkey
  Ball of Confusion
  Be The Revolution
  Bound For Hell
  Bubblemen Rap
  Cuckoo Land
  David Lanfair
  Deep Deep Down
  Delicious Ocean
  Earth, Sun, Moon
  Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
  Ghosts of The Multiple Feature
  God And Mr. Smith
  Guardian Angel
  Here Comes The Comedown
  Here On Earth
  Higher Ground
  Holiday On The Moon
  I Feel Speed
  Inside The Outside
  It Could Be Sunshine
  Jimmy Osterberg
  Judgement Day
  Kevin's Track
  Kundalini Express
  Libido Talking
  Life In Laralay
  Love Me
  Lucifer Sam
  Mirror People
  My Dark Twin
  No Big Deal
  No New Tale To Tell
  No Worries
  Party's Not Over
  Physical (You're So)
  Pick Yourself Up
  Pink Flamingo
  Porpoise Head
  Rain Bird
  Ritual Radio
  Rock And Roll Babylon
  Rock On
  Sad And Beautiful World
  Shed A Skin
  Shelf Life
  Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
  Singing The Blues
  So Alive
  Space Apes
  Spanish Stroll
  Stardust Memories
  Sweet F.A.
  Sweet Lover Hangover
  The Bubblemen Are Coming
  The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By
  The Early Worm
  The Glittering Darkness
  The Light
  The Purest Blue
  The Teardrop Collector
  The Telephone Is Empty
  Too Much Choice
  Trip And Glide
  Use Me
  Vampire City
  Venus Child
  Voodoo Baby
  Waiting For The Flood
  Wake Up
  We've Gotta Get Out of This Place
  When I Died
  Words of A Fool
M.C. Nightshade And The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra
  A Shudder Of Clowns
  Carpe Noctem
  Egyptian Fantasy
  Inside The Cooch Tent
  My Girl's Pussy
  Procession Of The Expatriates
  The Carnival Is Leaving Town
  The Carny
  Vaudeville Ghost Light
  We All Wear Cloaks
  When Zombo Comes To Town
  A System for Shutting Everything Out
  Boys And Girls
  Doing Time
  I See Through It
  I Want That
  I'm Slipping Away
  In Cruel Mirrors
  Long Cold Silence
  Make You Believe
  Police State
  The Entrance
  Up (Chance)
Peter Murphy
  a song for Michael Jackson
  A Strange Kind Of Love
  All Night Long
  All That Is My Own
  All The Young Dudes
  All You Need Is Love
  Angelic Harmony
  Bang A Gong
  Big Love of A Tiny Fool
  Blind Sublime
  Blinded Like Saul
  Blue Heart
  Breaking No One's Heaven
  Can You Hear Me?
  Canvas Beauty
  Clean Break
  Clear Spot
  Cool Cool Breeze
  Créme de la Créme
  Crumbs & Broken Shells
  Crystal Wrists
  Cuts You Up
  Dead Souls
  Deep Ocean Vast Sea
  Discreet Medley
  Don't Trade Aid For Trade
  Dragnet Drag
  Dream Gone By
  Emergency Unit
  Face The Moon
  Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
  Final Solution
  Five Years
  Fun Time
  Girlchild Aglow
  Give What He's Got
  Gliding Like A Whale
  God Sends
  Good Works
  Hang Up
  Head Like A Hole
  Heart Of Gold
  His Circle And Her's Meet
  Hit Song
  Holy Clown
  I Am My Own Name
  I Spit Roses
  I'll Fall With Your Knife
  I'm On Your Side
  I've Got A Secret Miniature Camera
  Idle Flow
  In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  Indigo Eyes
  Instant Karma
  Janitor Of Lunacy
  Jean Genie
  Jungle Haze
  Just For Love
  Keep Coming Back
  Keep Me From Harm
  Kill The Hate
  Kiss Myself
  Let Me Love You
  Love Me Tender
  Low Room
  Low Tar Stars
  Lust For Life
  Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
  Memory Go
  Mercy Rain
  Mirror To My Woman's Mind
  My Last Two Weeks
  Never Fall Out
  Never Man
  No Home Without It's Sire
  Our Secret Garden
  Panic In Detroit
  Peace To Each
  Piece of You
  Prayer of Jonas in the Belly of the Whale (White Star Hawk Spirit Dance)
  Pretty Bleak
  Purple Rain
  Roll Call
  Rose Hunter
  Sails Wave Goodbye
  Secret Silk Society
  Seesaw Sway
  Seven Veils
  Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
  Sister Midnight
  Socrates The Python
  Space Oddity
  Tale of The Tongue
  Tender Green
  That's Alright Mama
  That's Life
  The Answer Is Clear
  The Fields Of Athenry
  The First Stone
  The Ghost Of Shokan Lake
  The Kids
  The Light Pours Out Of Me
  The Line Between The Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
  The Prince & Old Lady Shade
  The Rose
  The Scarlet Thing In You
  The Slider
  The Soul Of The World
  The Sound of Water
  The Sweetest Drop
  The Weight of Love
  Thelma Sings To Little Nell
  Things To Remember
  Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
  Tomorrow Never Knows
  Twenty-Four Hours
  Twist Your Fate
  Uneven And Brittle
  Velocity Bird
  Warm Leatherette
  Warning Sign
  We Dive
  Wild Birds Flock To Me
  Wild Is In The Wind
  Within You Without You
  You're So Close
  Your Face
  Cracked Actor
Sinister Ducks
  March of The Sinister Ducks
  Old Gangsters Never Die
  Plastic Man Goes Nuts
The Satanic Nurses
  Murders on the Rue Morgue
The Submerged Tenth
  9 To 5
  All Screwed Up
  Dole Queue
  Hang Onto Yourself
  I Want Reaction
  I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  Let's Spend The Night Together
  Pablo Picasso
  Pushing Too Hard
  Raw Power
  Ready To Go
  Road Runner
  Run, Run, Run
  The Light Of Night
  Wanderin' Star
  Accidental Death
  Child's Play (Broken Return)
  Dawn Awakening
  Echoes of Future Days
  Evocations (Bells & Slumber)
  Ghosts Rising
  Phantom Quartz
  See Saw Sky
  Summer Nocturne
  Twilight Cascade
  Whitewash Cafe
  Fast Train
  Go! M.A.D.
  Her Colder Control
  Slow Trip to Skindeep
  Ten Times Heaven
  Wailing Tale
Tones On Tail
  A Bigger Splash
  Burning Skies
  Christian Says
  Heartbreak Hotel
  Means of Escape
  Movement of Fear
  Now We Lustre
  O.K. This Is The Pops
  Real Life
  Slender Fungus
  The Never Never (Is Forever)
  There's Only One
  When You're Smiling
  You, The Night And The Music

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