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Song: The Devil's Muse
Year: 2007

First known live performance:2007-02-23 - Safari Sam's, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last known live performance:2011-10-01 - Jenna Kautzky's living room, Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Devil's Muse [Live]
The Devil's Muse [Promo video]
The Devil's Muse - Burnt [Studio]
The Devil's Muse - demo [Studio]
The Devil's Muse - First Cut [Studio]
The Devil's Muse - Stage production version [Studio]

"The Devil's Muse / The music.

The music features a collaboration between myself and Ego Plum. I was approached by the film director, Ramzi Abed to compose music for his feature film, 'Black Dahlia Movie' ( as it was entitled at the time ), it being a surrealistic, tangential take on the legendary 'Black Dahlia' murder mystery. When Ego heard about the project, he contacted Ramzi with a view to being involved. Ramzi passed on Ego's demo and I have to say that I was enormously impressed by it's quality. All lush film noir atmospherics, Rotaesque strings and what sounded like the fever dreams of Raymond Scott. I had a partner in crime!

The music took on a life of it's own outside of it's essential relationship to the film. This was due, in part, to my growing mediumistic obsession with the subject matter which acted as a vortex, pulling me ever further into the abyss of it's dark glamour. It was indeed, a very scary place and I was glad to have Ego along for the ride. His ability to bounce his own ideas off of my own fevered revery never failed. We invited other musicians to take part. Strings came courtesy of Joyce Rooks ..o and Tom Vos on viola and violin and it is the later's arrangements which grace the proceedings. The inimitable Creekbird played the spectoral wheezing organ on 'Black Dahlia Theme' which was recorded in a top secret location high in the Hollywood Hills. This track was engineered by John Neff, sometime sound architect and musical collaborator with David Lynch. It features the divine Nora Keyes on vocals.

'The Devil's Muse' 2 (burnt) came about when I asked the great Johnny Dowd for a vocal contribution. I sent him my own demo version over which he recorded a semi spoken word vocal interpretation on a separate track. One day I was in Ego's vast studio housed in an old industrial warehouse in downtown LA, I was experimenting with a vintage 'Elvis' style microphone which I had run through a guitar amp, making it feedback to conjure forth an atonal melody. Ego came in and immediately started to play along on an electronic drum kit. We had some magic happening! I then overdubbed the sound of the large window which I smashed down in it's frame. Then I thought about Johnny's vocal. What if we were to fly it in at random over the track? The result was appropriately terrifying."
David J (Devil's Muse MySpace)

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