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Artist: Bauhaus
Tour name: 1980 - Summer gigs - UK
Date: 1980-06-26
Venue: Music Machine
Location: London
State: England
Country: United Kingdom

Recordings :
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Concert setlist :
1, Intro - Crowds
2, Double Dare
3, Terror Couple Kill Colonel
4, In The Night
5, Scopes
6, A God In An Alcove
7, The Spy In The Cab
8, Telegram Sam
9, Stigmata Martyr
10, In The Flat Field
11, St. Vitus Dance
12, Dark Entries

Shared the stage with:
Blurt - support band
Modern English - support band

Thanks to Hauskeeper
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People who have audio recordings:

People who have video recordings:
 nobody have it...

2009-11-28 02:00:36 - HAUSKEEPER
My first Bauhaus gig, I had turned up to other Bauhaus shows but could never get in as I looked so young. The Music Machine was a great venue with a good atmoshere, it was always packed, a decent size club with a pretty good sound. I had a hard time getting in so stood up on the balcony for most of the show, just watching and trying to go un-noticed.
I remember being blown away by the sound and energy of the band, by Petes interaction with the audience and all the strobes. 

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