Bauhaus gig guide

Artist: Bauhaus
Tour name: 1979 - Early gigs - UK
Date: 1979-05-26
Venue: Guildhall
Location: Northampton
Country: United Kingdom

Thanks to Andrew J Brooksbank for setlist/support information

Recordings :
  • Audio
  • Video
Concert setlist :
1, In The Night
2, Shows - full length version
3, Boys
4, Telegram Sam
5, A God In An Alcove
6, Harry
7, Honeymoon Croon
8, Nerves
9, Bite My Hip - early version of 'Lagartija Nick' with different lyrics

Shared the stage with:
Throbbing Gristle - supported band

Thanks to Simon Dell
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People who have audio recordings:
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People who have video recordings:
 nobody have it...

2009-10-20 13:36:33 - billynoband
This gig was a support slot with Magazine I am sure. They were not big enough to use that venue then. One of the last Magazine gigs with John Mcgeogh.
We were right at the front, a normal Bauhaus gig minus the strobes and Pete's hand held video camera and monitor if I remember rightly. Can't remember the set list though it was 30 years ago.

2010-10-01 17:51:43 - max1334
a video exist?!?!?!

2010-10-14 09:02:03 - system
definitely exists, don't have it though...

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