Bauhaus gig guide

Artist: Peter Murphy
Tour name: 2000 - Peter Murphy 2000 tour - US / Canada
Date: 2000-04-05
Venue: 4th and B
Location: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States

Recordings :
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Concert setlist :
1, Final Solution
2, The Scarlet Thing In You
3, Wild Birds Flock To Me
4, Mirror To My Woman's Mind
5, Subway - incl. Oh You Pretty Things - Memory of a Free Festival
6, Disappearing
7, Deep Ocean Vast Sea
8, I'll Fall With Your Knife
9, Crystal Wrists
10, The Sweetest Drop
11, Hit Song
12, Indigo Eyes - Peter solo with electric guitar
13, Big Love of A Tiny Fool - acoustic
14, Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem - acoustic
15, A Strange Kind Of Love - Acoustic
16, Cuts You Up
17, Surrendered
18, Roll Call - Recall
19, Huuvola
20, Love Me Tender


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2011-07-07 09:46:35 - abyssopelagic
This is the "Sentimental, Serious, and Moral" tour as deemed by the San Diego Reader.

David  J played at this show, he came up for the encore.  Well, he was there somewhere.  I remember him being there because I told my girl friend I was with that if Daniel Ash showed up, it would change into a  Bauhaus show.  I also think they played Bela or some other Bauhaus show in the encore...which I don't think is listed here.  I remember two encores.  It was a long show and great performance.

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