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Artist: Peter Murphy
Tour name: 1988 - The Love Hysteria tour - US / Canada
Date: 1988-05-16
Venue: Coach House
Location: San Juan Capistrano
State: CA
Country: United States

Review mentions Spirit but it doesn't appear on the recording.

Recordings :
  • Audio
Concert setlist (incomplete):
1, His Circle And Her's Meet
2, The Light Pours Out Of Me
3, God Sends
4, All Night Long
5, I've Got A Secret Miniature Camera
6, Dragnet Drag
7, Final Solution
8, Socrates The Python
9, Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
10, The Passion of Lovers - Peter Murphy solo version
11, Fun Time
12, Blind Sublime
13, All The Young Dudes - Peter Murphy solo version
14, Spirit - Peter Murphy solo version - unconfirmed (missing from the recording)
15, Purple Rain

Shared the stage with:
Passion Fodder - support band

Bowie-esque Set Stirs Murphy Mania in San Juan

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People who have video recordings:
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