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Artist: David J
Tour name: 1983/84 - Early gigs
Date: 1983-10-03
Venue: Derngate Centre
Location: Northampton
Country: United Kingdom

Recordings :
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Thanks to Kevin Barron
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2009-10-20 13:48:57 - billynoband
I believe this was the very last Northampton gig but I may be wrong. It was sold out but when hanging around outside the gig at the back of the building a fire door flung open and a old friend of mine stood there and we sneaked in for free. Just in time to hear them open with In the flat fields. This was a very strange venue as it is a old fashion theatre with very steep seating areas and balcony's. Pete said during the gig "We have not played here for a while,we don't like to see you too often". This was after the period when there were rumours locally that the band did not like playing their hometown and there were buisiness debts.
I am from Kettering about 15 miles from Northampton. My mate's gilfriend's dad at the time owned the recording studio they used to use. They were very private though and we never got to meet them. 

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