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Artist: Sinister Ducks
Tour name: 1979 - 1984 - UK gigs
Date: 1981-04-18
Venue: Roadmender Club
Location: Northampton
Country: United Kingdom

"Sinister Ducks consisted of Alan, myself and Alex Green, a saxophonist. Also there was a floating member,(no pun intended!) Glynn Bush, who now is with Rockers Hi-Fi. We did two performances. Alan?s role was chief provocatueur. He came on dressed like a head waiter -- penguin suit -- and heavy leather motorcycle gloves. We performed the two pieces that?d we recorded, March of the Sinister Ducks and Old Gangsters Never Die. Old Gangsters Never Die being a precis of a play Alan had written right around the time of the Hippodrome. They put on plays as well. ... I played guitar in a quite unconventional manner, Alex honked away upon the sax, one song the entire vocal was, we used those dolls where you pull out the string and get them to talk. We put the doll to the mike and put it through effects. That would be the vocal. Alan would stare at it with malicious intent. Experimental!"
David J, LA Weekly interview w/ Jay Babcock

"The Sinister Ducks? first reunion performance happened at another financially doomed venture carried out under the auspices of the enterprising Liquorice, this being a one-day event known as 'Summer Shock Day'.
The Duck?s lineup, expanded to include D-Go-Tee saxophonist Bridget (who used to go out with Hunt Emerson), also included a plastic Minnie Mouse doll that provided the vocal upon at least one number, the immortal 'Plastic Man Goes Nuts'. The doll?s head was detachable from its body save for a length of retractable string, which, when jerked savagely, would cause the hideous toy to utter one of six cute catch-phrases at random in between bursts of jazz so freeform that it might be better described as completely boneless."
Critter #23, Animals Rock n Roll ? Alan Moore, Northampton 1987

"In 1981 we held a reunion performance and decided we'd take longer over this one, in an effort to get everything absolutely right. Most of the material was written as far in advance as the night before, and it showed in the performance. It was that much more polished and professional.
In '83 we recorded a single, and Dave took it to the people at Beggar's Banquet. They decided to bring it out on their Situation Two label so that nobody would know they were responsible if there was any trouble."
Alan Moore, Zig Zag article (Jun 84)

"I can only remember one or possibly two concerts - definitely the Roadmender when they did Old Gangsters Never Die. Debbie's Gloss was one of my songs for the De-GoTees [?]. I certainly don't recall the Ducks ever playing it. I think I did it solo at the Roadmender along with some tunes where I was playing a Bontempi organ."
Glyn Bush for bauhausgigguide

"The second Sinister Ducks' gig was at an event I promoted called 'The Summer Shock Special' at the Roadmender which utilised nearly all the rooms in the building for various events and performances. Red and green food and snacks were on sale. Was also my solo debut as Mr Liquorice. Also on the bill were The Sinister Ducks,The D-Go-tees,a performance group called Living Room."
Pickle (Mr. Licquorice) for bauhausgigguide

"I'm afraid I have a very hazy recollection of the gig. I remember the toy being played held up to the microphone, but then there was a bit of a fad for clockwork toy noises incorporated into stage events at the time."
"As for myself, I joined in with and improvised with just about anybody in those days without any prior knowledge of the content - just used my ears!"
Bridget Enever for bauhausgigguide

Recordings :
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0, Old Gangsters Never Die - Sinister Ducks live version
0, March of The Sinister Ducks
0, Plastic Man Goes Nuts

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