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Artist: Tones On Tail
Tour name: 1984 - US tour
Date: 1984-10-08
Venue: I-Beam
Location: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: United States

Recordings :
  • Audio
Concert setlist :
1, War
2, Performance
3, Burning Skies
4, Lions
5, Heartbreak Hotel
6, Movement of Fear
7, Happiness
8, Christian Says
9, Slice of Life - Tones On Tail version
10, Go!
11, O.K. This Is The Pops

Released songs of the concert:
Heartbreak Hotel released on Night Music [Album]
Heartbreak Hotel released on Everything! [Album]

 no attenders yet ...

People who have audio recordings:
akiforhair, Hapcibeno, max1334, SKot

People who have video recordings:
 nobody have it...

2010-10-01 16:18:07 - max1334
before "war", as usual, my tape has the intro plus when you're smiling music in the background

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