Bauhaus gig guide

Artist: David J
Tour name: 2002 - Ireland gigs
Date: 2002-06-xx
Venue: unknown venue
Location: Belfast
Country: Ireland

Postcard From The Emerald Isle

Dublin rocked! 'Very enthusiastic response, I only wish that I could say the same for Belfast! Maybe it was because I played on the same day that the national team were booted out of the World Cup by Spain and I came out with a cheeky "Hola!" at the start of my set. which was met with "Fekin' 'Hola' yerself, yer cunt!" from some where in the crowd, but apathy held sway, apart from two lovely little Japanese pussy cats who had flown over from Tokyo for the gigs! At one point, I unplugged, jumped down off the stage, went over to their table and played 'I'll be your Chauffeur' for them and them alone.

At the end of the night they presented me with an official World Cup progamme, saying, "Bad timing!"(refering to the Irish defeat.) Very sweet.

It was weird driving through the Falls road area the next day and seeing the carefully painted murals depicting the IRA as virtual saints. Barbed wire everywhere but unexpected beautiful rolling green hills shrouded in spectral mist.

Back in Dublin, I did a spontaineous recording session with an electronica act called BASIC, they were the first artists to be signed to U2's Kitchen label and can now be found on Reverb records. The session went very well and the resulting track should be their next single. The title is 'Splinters Of The Cross.'

Whilst in Dublin I conducted a personal survey of the thick black wet stuff, The Octogon bar in (them again) U2's elegent Clarence hotel came out tops by a 'head'. They must have very clean pipes, cleaner than Bono's anyway, what with all them cigarillos and such, to be sure!

Support on the official two dates (I played an impromptu 'secret'gig at a tiny cellar bar the day after arriving.) was Nina Hynes, a highly talented Dublin based singer/song writer she was very ably accompanied by Ivan Birthistle on keyboards. Accomodation was provided by the highly hospitable Michael and Colleen, the former, the brains behind the aforementioned Reverb records. It was Michael who became my official guide to the watering holes of the 'eld town. Most memorable was the 'spit n' sawdust' establishment wherein a local baritone held sway with spirited renditions of Johnny Cash and the like to the basic accompaniment of accordian and antique drum machine.

. . . and the craik was good!
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