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Artist: David J
Tour name: 2012 - North American gigs
Date: 2012-06-10
Venue: The Old Church
Location: Portland
State: OP
Country: United States

Thanks to Darwin Meiners!
Sunday, June 10
Doors: 8.30 pm
David J and friends
David J
Emily Jane White
Adrian H
Former Bauhaus / Love & Rockets founding member, David J has invited several of his talented friends to come together in a special evening of intimate acoustic music.
David J, along with Michael Berg and Darwin will perform an acoustic set of songs which span his entire illustrious career with both Love and Rockets and Bauhaus as well as solo material and a few eyebrow raising covers.
His set will be preceded by Emily Jane White, a singer / songwriter of rare quality. A reflective exponent of dark folk, her songs mine a rich vein of old weird America and the twisted roots of rock n' roll.
Soriah, the extraordinary Tuvan throat singing shaman / performance artist will usher in the proceedings on the original pipe organ which dates back to 1883.
( We request that you bring one white candle to place on the stage and light. Communion to ensue! )

Recordings :
Not available

Concert setlist :
1, Dagger In The Well (Song For Elliot Smith)
2, Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh - new lyrics version
3, I'll Be Your Chauffeur
4, Goth Girls In Southern California
5, Shelf Life - David J solo version
6, Where The Bloodline Ends (Vasectomy Song)
7, Rain Bird - David J solo version
8, If You Could Read My Mind
9, Spalding Gray Can't Swim
10, Silver For Gold
11, Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? - David J solo version
12, Not Long For This World
13, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - David J solo version
14, The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By - David J solo version
15, No New Tale To Tell - David J solo version
16, Joan of Arc
17, Farewell My Friend

Thanks to Darwin Meiners
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