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Artist: Peter Murphy
Tour name: 2011 - Ninth tour - US / Japan
Date: 2011-06-15
Venue: Casbah
Location: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States

Recordings :
Not available

Concert setlist :
0, A Strange Kind Of Love - incl. Bela Lugosi's Dead
0, Stigmata Martyr - Peter Murphy solo version
0, I Spit Roses

Concert: Peter Murphy in San Diego

Peter Murphy tour dates: Concert Review: Peter Murphy in San Diego // SoundSpike Concert News


People who have audio recordings:
 nobody have it...

People who have video recordings:
 nobody have it...

2011-07-07 09:30:40 - abyssopelagic
A game changer of a concert for me.   It might ruin me to see Peter Murphy in a bigger venue.   

The last time I saw him, the show was good, but with a minimum of banter limited to introductions and thank-yous. The local Reader called PM's show from 2000  "Sentimental, Serious, and Moral".   Ha, ha, ha!   I suppose that one was.

2011 was more the "Arrogant, Hilarious and Immoral" tour with PM jumping into the crowd, splashing water on people, getting people into headlocks, shoving the mic in people's faces, blowing kisses and holding hands (I got to be in this section), extreme eye contact which made my boyfriend keep yelling "he's locking eyes with you, you should totally try to maul him! You should try to make out with him..wait, maybe I should make out with him!!!"  becoming a cute kind of bisexual glam boy even though he's hetro...and then PM said that his daughter doesn't like it when she sees him acting crude on You Tube.   Oh, so denied! :(   I can't disappoint PM's daughter and dammit, You Tube ruins everything. Still, I could put my arm out in front of me and touch the guy.   Dangerously intimate show. 

The romantic in me around 2000 would have been horrified at this show, with the large amount of raunchiness going around but the 2011 version of me enjoyed the feral, free range PM much more.  I wish he could channel that no holds barred arrogance into a record.   (Note, I haven't heard Ninth yet, I am waiting to buy it on record.  But if not this record then one in the future.)

Setlist has been batted around a few people I know, but to my best knowledge, it was this:  Burning From the Inside, Velocity Bird, Peace to Each, I Spit Roses, Seesaw Sway, Raw Power *, Memory Go, Gaslight, Silent Hedges**, Subway, I'll Fall With Your Knife, Prince and Old Lady Shade, Stigmata Martyr***, Uneven and Brittle.   Encore:  Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem, Strange Kind of Love/Bela Lugosi's Dead, She's in Parties.

*Not sure when this was played.  The set seemed like they talked about the songs right before they played some of them.  It was around the fifth or sixth song. 
**Both the boyfriend and I heard the bassist start to play The Doors' Five to One here. Twice, but no takers.
***Holy Smoke, literally.   Love when people light up in CA bars.  Ha-ha.  From there, it just reminded me of the Lord's Prayer backwards and more blasphemous than ever before.   It must be the family guy thing.

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