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Artist: Peter Murphy
Tour name: 2009 - Secret Cover tour - Europe
Date: 2009-10-31
Venue: Aula Magna
Location: Lisboa
Country: Portugal

Thanks to ziggyswoon

Recordings :
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Concert setlist :
1, Burning From The Inside - Peter Murphy solo version
2, Velocity Bird
3, Peace To Each
4, Disappearing
5, I'll Fall With Your Knife
6, In Every Dream Home A Heartache - incl. The Bogus Man
7, Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
8, Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
9, Secret Silk Society
10, Too Much 21St Century - Peter Murphy solo version
11, Secret - new song #9
12, The Prince & Old Lady Shade
13, Uneven And Brittle
14, A Strange Kind Of Love - incl. Bela Lugosi's Dead
15, She's In Parties - Peter Murphy solo version
16, Gliding Like A Whale
17, Cuts You Up
18, Transmission - Peter Murphy solo version
19, Space Oddity

Shared the stage with:
Lettie - support act

memorygo, ziggyswoon

People who have audio recordings:
Hapcibeno, max1334, ziggyswoon

People who have video recordings:
 nobody have it...

2009-11-06 18:04:43 - ziggyswoon
The concert was a blast because it was weird, intense, magic, intimist. Peter talked a lot because things between songs were not working inside the band. Leading 
to some strange and hilarious moments on stage. But when the music started things were intense and filled with emotion. 
The inclusion of a second guitar for this line up is a blessing and the right move. Songs gain a new life. Peter's voice goes to other dimensions. 
and the songs get all the emotion, rawness, power, beauty they deserve. I loved every second of music in this show. 
The new songs are great pointing us to a new album that should be one of the best Peter has done in years. Let's hope it sees the light of day soon.
A curious thing was that there were a lot of parents with kids at this show. I am talking of children about 8 to 10 years old. Weird! Then a curious moment happened. There was one kid in front row with his parents. Peter saw him and greeted him during the show. Then at the end of the show he pulled the kid to the stage and hanged around stage with him by hand until he placed the child on the drum stand and at the end of the song he left the stage with the kid in his arms. Hilarious. Then called for his parents to the backstage. The band came in for the last encore and the whole family was allowed to see the last songs on the side of the stage. An odd moment on a very Halloween night concert.

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