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Artist: Bauhaus
Tour name: 1980 - In The Flat Field tour - UK
Date: 1980-10-31
Venue: University
Location: London
State: England
Country: United Kingdom

Recordings :
  • Audio
  • Video
Concert setlist :
1, Bela Lugosi's Dead
2, In The Flat Field
3, Boys
4, A God In An Alcove
5, Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
6, Dancing
7, Poison Pen
8, Hollow Hills
9, Telegram Sam - incl. 'Do You Wanna Touch Me?'
10, Dark Entries

Released songs of the concert:
A God In An Alcove released on ... And Remains [Album]
Hollow Hills released on ... And Remains [Album]
Poison Pen released on ... And Remains [Album]

Shared the stage with:
Mass - support band
Tuxedo Moon - support band

Thanks to Hauskeeper
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People who have audio recordings:
akiforhair, architektur, buh0r, CAPOMCCOY, Hapcibeno, HAUSKEEPER, max1334

People who have video recordings:
akiforhair, architektur, CAPOMCCOY, Hapcibeno, max1334, ziggyswoon

2009-11-28 19:00:19 - HAUSKEEPER
The U.L.U. gig was a huge sell out weeks in advance, we got tickets early but I still got refused entry because I looked so young. The place was packed inside and outside the venue, punks everywhere... there were hundreds of people walking around outside looking for tickets.
I ended up getting in through this small window in the girls toilets, I had a 28" waist then which was good because the window was long and about 10" deep... could'nt do it now!!.
I did'nt have a hand stamp, so I had to dampen the back of a friends hand and get a copy off of his so I could get into the main hall. 
The gig was unreal, it was the first time I went down the front (well as near as I could get) at a Bauhaus gig. 
The place was heaving with punks and weirdos, the show was great, it was a crazy night,one of those that live with you forever.

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