Bauhaus gig guide

Artist: Bauhaus
Tour name: 2006 - Summer tour - Europe
Date: 2006-08-09
Venue: Lokerse Feesten
Location: Lokeren
Country: Belgium

Recordings :
  • Audio
  • Video
Concert setlist :
1, Double Dare
2, In The Flat Field
3, In Fear of Fear
4, Adrenalin
5, She's In Parties - no guitar
6, Silent Hedges
7, The Passion of Lovers
8, Stigmata Martyr - no guitar
9, Dark Entries
10, Transmission - Bauhaus version incl. St. Vitus Dance
11, Telegram Sam
12, Ziggy Stardust

DVD still image
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Bela Lugosi, max1334

People who have audio recordings:
Bela Lugosi, CAPOMCCOY, Hapcibeno, max1334

People who have video recordings:
akiforhair, Bela Lugosi, CAPOMCCOY, Hapcibeno, max1334, ziggyswoon

2009-11-29 05:03:27 - Bela Lugosi
Show was cut short due to sound problems

2010-09-27 15:02:05 - max1334
The master video is mine, shoot from the front row. Many guitar problems during the set, 'cause cramps (openers for Bauhaus) have fill the stage with red wine... You can clearly hear that the guitar in She's in parties is totally missing. As encore, David J says that this is the last time thay play Telegram Sam and Ziggy.

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