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w/ 62 rare live tracks

10 unreleased original songs, 35 unreleased live covers, 13 Bauhaus / Love And Rockets songs & 4 bonus tracks

"These eclectic recordings were made on a wing and a prayer and poached by benign pirates. Long may we all sail!"
David J

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Donate $30.00 USD and get the entire collection(Volume 1-3)
+ a special bonus album with previously unreleased tracks

01, Androgynous (The Replacements) (3:18)
02, Joe Orton's Wedding (2:37)
03, Candy On The Cross (4:10)
04, Streets Of Berlin (Martin Sherman / Philip Glass) (3:19)
05, Falling In Love Again (Friedrich Hollander / Reginald Connelly) (2:54)
06, Pretty (2:11)
07, Song From The Kitty Kat Keller (5:27)
08, This Vicious Cabaret (3:39)
09, Ghosts Of The Multiple Feature (Love And Rockets) (2:46)
10, Time (David Bowie) (4:45)
11, Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen) (5:00)
12, I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) (3:06)

Total running time : 43:12
Track 1-10: 'Missives From The Burning Stage'
Recorded with Cabaret Oscuro in LA around 2007.
David J - vocals
Joyce Rooks - cello & backing vocals
Mister Uncertain - piano
Tom Vos - violin
Recorded by Ego Plum

Track 11: Recorded live at The Walnut Room, Denver, CO 12/02/2007
Johnette Napolitano - vocals
David J - vocals
Kenny Annis - guitar
Track 12: Recorded at the Grand Midway Hotel, Windber, PA during rehearsals for the
Jeff Buckley tribute concert (Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA 05/15/2010)
David J - lead vocals & guitar
Damian Youth - harmony vocals
Kevin Bean - harmony vocals

mp3 sample (05:16)

Special thanks to David J for the bonus tracks
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Individual sets:

Donate $10.00 USD and get volume 1
mp3 sample (09:22)
Donate $10.00 USD and get volume 2
mp3 sample (08:51)
Donate $10.00 USD and get volume 3
mp3 sample (07:16)
Donate $10.00 USD and get the bonus album
mp3 sample (05:16)

Individual tracks (donate 0.5 USD for each track):

Volume 1
01,St. James Infirmary(traditional)[###]2:59 mp3 sample
02,In Heaven w/ Black Francis(Peter Ivers)[##]1:21 mp3 sample
03,Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven(Love And Rockets)[***]4:35 mp3 sample
04,Dead And Lovely(Tom Waits)[###]5:39 mp3 sample
05,Dagger In The Well (Song For Elliot Smith)(David J)[+++]4:15 mp3 sample
06King's Crossing(Elliott Smith)[#]3:21 mp3 sample
07,Hot Sheet Hotel(David J)[**]3:41 mp3 sample
08,Some Things Last A Long Time(Daniel Johnston)[##]5:13 mp3 sample
09,Rainbird(Love And Rockets)[+++]2:59 mp3 sample
10,How Come(Ronnie Lane)[*]2:37 mp3 sample
11,Gloomy Sunday(Seress Rezso)[#]2:13 mp3 sample
12,Men Leave w /Antony Hegarty(David J)[+]3:03 mp3 sample
13,Au Contraire(David J)[**]3:21 mp3 sample
14,Rock And Roll Babylon(Love And Rockets)[***]3:14 mp3 sample
15,Flowers And Football Tops(Glasvegas)[#]3:33 mp3 sample
16,Evil Night Together w/ Jill Tracy(Jill Tracy)[###]4:49 mp3 sample
17,Monkey Gone To Heaven w/ Black Francis(Pixies)[##]2:53 mp3 sample
18,What It Feels Like For A Girl(Madonna)[***]2:19 mp3 sample
19,Life In Laralay(Love And Rockets)[++]3:07 mp3 sample
20,Having A Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her(T-Bone Burnett)[*]3:14 mp3 sample
21,Jealous Guy(John Lennon)[##]3:45 mp3 sample
22,Premonitions(Damien Youth)[#]3:17 mp3 sample
23,Hair of The Dog (incl. Pablo Picasso)(Bauhaus)[++]2:39 mp3 sample
Total running time: 79:03

Volume 2

24,Albino Dog(David J)[-]4:30 mp3 sample
25,Night Of The Vampire(Rocky Erickson)[###]3:55 mp3 sample
26,No New Tale To Tell(Love And Rockets)[+++]3:32 mp3 sample
27,Love Letter(Nick Cave)[#]3:57 mp3 sample
28,Peggy Sue(Buddy Holly)[~~]1:51 mp3 sample
29Poetic Young Man(Lewis Furey)[--]3:17 mp3 sample
30,All The Young Dudes w/Black Francis(Dawid Bowie)[##]3:56 mp3 sample
31,Wrote For Luck(Happy Mondays)[~~~]2:55 mp3 sample
32,Bela Lugosi's Dead(Bauhaus)[###]6:04 mp3 sample
33,Falling In Love Again(Marlene Dietrich / Fredrick Hollander)[#]2:48 mp3 sample
34,Everybody's Talking(Fred Neil)[---]2:26 mp3 sample
35,YSL(David J)[#]4:23 mp3 sample
36,The New World(The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy)[*]3:37 mp3 sample
37,The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By (Love And Rockets)[+++]5:27 mp3 sample
38,Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(Al Dubin / Harry Warren)[#]3:00 mp3 sample
39,The Rattler(David J)[~]2:35 mp3 sample
40,Shelf Life(Love And Rockets)[***]2:50 mp3 sample
41,Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard(Ryan Adams)[#]2:54 mp3 sample
42,You Can't Always Get What You Want(Rolling Stones)[~~~]6:55 mp3 sample
43,My Funny Valentine(Rogers & Hart)[--]2:57 mp3 sample
44,Re-make / Re-model - vocals by Black Francis(Roxy Music)[##]3:51 mp3 sample
Total running time: 78:31

Volume 3

45,Ghosts Of The Multiple Feature(Love And Rockets)[--]2:19 mp3 sample
46,Spalding Gray Can't Swim(David J)[#]4:39 mp3 sample
47,Around And Around(Chuck Berry)[*]2:43 mp3 sample
48,Straight To Hell(The Clash)[]5:51 mp3 sample
49,Bound For Hell(Love And Rockets)[###]5:35 mp3 sample
50,LUA(Bright Eyes)[]3:52 mp3 sample
51,Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?(Bauhaus)[+++]3:27 mp3 sample
52,Farewell My Friend(Dennis Wilson)[#]2:01 mp3 sample
53,Trams of Old London(Robyn Hitchcock)[]2:33 mp3 sample
54,All In My Mind - vocals by Black Francis(Love And Rockets)[##]4:34 mp3 sample
55,Tower Of Song w/Johnette Napolitano - fragment(Leonard Cohen)[]3:29 mp3 sample
56,Scott Walker 1996 - fragment(poem by Jeremy Reed,
music by Michael Berg & friends)
[??]2:02 mp3 sample
57,On A Macclesfield Sunday (For Ian Curtis) - fragment(Davis J)[?]4:04 mp3 sample
58,I Am The Walrus w/ Soriah(The Beatles)[???]15:18 mp3 sample
---------------BONUS TRACKS---------------
59,Joe Orton's Wedding - new version - intro(David J)[^]1:48 mp3 sample
60,Golden Hair w/ Vinsantos(Syd Barrett)[^^]4:21 mp3 sample
61,Time(David Bowie)[^^^]4:48 mp3 sample
62,Being Boring(Pet Shop Boys)[***]4:42 mp3 sample
Total running time: 78:51

1983-11-17 - Rockgarden, London, UK [~]
CD 2: Track 16
Source: Audience recording (audio)

1983-11-18 - Fulham Greyhound, London, UK [~~]
CD 2: Track 05
Source: Audience recording (audio)

1990-09-04 - McCabe's, Santa Monica, US [*]
CD 1: Track 10, 20
CD 2: Track 13
CD 3: Track 03
Source: Audience recording (audio)

1990-09-13 - Lee's Palce, Toronto, ON, Canada [~~~]
CD 2: Track 08, 19
Source: Audience recording (audio)

1992-12-03 - Irving Plaza, New York, NY, US [---]
CD 2: Track 11
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2000-09-12 - Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, US [**]
CD 1: Track 07, 13
Source: FM recording (audio)

2000-09-26 - Mint, Los Angeles Santa Monica, US [-]
CD 2: Track 01
Source: Webcast recording (audio)

2001-04-11 - The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, US [***]
CD 1: Track 03, 14, 18
CD 2: Track 17
CD 3: Track 18
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2001-06-17 - Casbah, San Diego, US [^]
CD 3: Track 15
Source: Webcast recording (audio)

2002-03-02 - Valentine's, Albany, US [+]
CD 1: Track 12
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2002-04-04 - The Nation, Washington DC, US [++]
CD 1: Track 19, 23
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2003-11-25 - DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, US [+++]
CD 1: Track 05, 09
CD 2: Track 03, 14
CD 3: Track 07
Source: Webcast recording (audio)

2007-02-14 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA, US [--]
CD 2: Track 06, 20
CD 3: Track 01
Source: Audience recording (video)

2007-03-02 - Teatro Lope De Vega, Seville, Spain [?]
CD 3: Track 13
Source: Audience recording (video) taken from YouTube

2007-11-18 - Kuumba, Santa Cruz, CA, US []
CD 3: Track 11
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2007-12-02 - The Walnut Room, Denver, CO, US []
CD 3: Track 04
Source: Soundboard recording (audio) taken from David J's MySpace site

2008-09-12 - Bondi Beach Club, Monster, NL []
CD 3: Track 06, 09
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2009-02-25 - Bordello, Los Angeles, CA, US [??]
CD 3: Track 12
Source: Audience recording (video) taken from YouTube

2009-08-16 - The Cavern Club, Celebrity Theater, Los Angeles, US [#]
CD 1: Track 06, 11, 15, 22
CD 2: Track 04, 10, 12, 15, 18
CD 3: Track 02, 08
Source: Audience recording (audio)

2009-12-08 - Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA, US [##]
CD 1: Track 02, 08, 17, 21
CD 2: Track 07, 21
CD 3: Track 10
Source: Webcast recording (video)

2010-01-08 - Stork Club, Oakland, CA, US [^^]
CD 3: Track 16
Source: Audience recording (video) taken from

2010-03-26 - Trannyshack, DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, US [^^^]
CD 3: Track 17
Source: Webcast recording (audio)

2010-07-02 - DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, US [###]
CD 1: Track 01, 04, 16
CD 2: Track 02, 09
CD 3: Track 05
Source: Webcast recording (audio)

2010-10-09 - Autonomy, Portland, OR, US [???]
CD 3: Track 14
Source: Audience recording (video) taken from David J's MySpace site

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