Bauhaus gig guide
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First Demos Session (1979-01-26)
Gold Dust session (1979-11-03)
Axis Session (1979-11-xx)
John Peel Session I. (1979-12-04)
Small Wonder Session (1979-mid)
TCKC session I. (1980-03-24)
TCKC session II. (1980-04-24)
TCKC session III. (1980-06-17)
In The Flat Field session (1980-07-07)
Final 'Flat Field' session (1980-08-29)
Rosegarden session (1980-08/09)
Jam session I. (1981-01-29)
Peter Powell session (1981-01-xx)
Jam session II. (1981-02-xx)
Playground session I. (1981-04-05)
Playground session II. (1981-05-06)
Playground session III. (1981-05-20)
Playground session IV. (1981-06-04)
Playground mixing (1981-07-03)
Mask session (1981-09-07)
Morgan session I. (1982-01-28)
John Peel Session II. (1982-03-13)
Morgan session II. (1982-04-13)
David Jensen session I. (1982-07-01)
The Sky's Gone Out session (1982-07-19)
Second Rockfield session (1982-09-xx)
Top of the Pops session I. (1982-10-05)
First RGJ session (1982-10-20)
Swing session (1982-xx)
Top of the Pops session II. (1983-01-25)
Second RGJ session (1983-02-03)
David Jensen session II. (1983-02-17)
Burning From The Inside session (1983-03-xx)
Top of the Pops session III. (1983-04-13)
Sanity session (1983-04-xx)
CRC session (1998-08-31)
Atlanta session (1998-09-13)
The Dog's A Vapour session (1999-06-xx)

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